You wont be punished FOR your anger. You will be punished BY your anger. -Buddha If they dont value someone as good as you, why do you care about them? If you are such a self controlled, well poised person, dont let anyone or anything on your nerves. Never go down to the level of […]

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Soo… I am definitely cursed. This month is a ruddy cursed month for me. And my family.  Two months ago, I fell from riding a penny board. Needed X Ray and lots of bed rest. Last Saturday, hit my leg on a medical mattress and fractured my toe. People probably look at me and being […]

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It’s odd how I find time to write in the midst of the hustle and bustle of my mock exams. In two months I will be writing my future, and I want to set it right. I wante to make my creators proud.  Aside from that, I am graduating from high school, going to senior […]

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I need to tell you something.  Recently I have seen things. In my head. And it was true in the real world.  Yes call me crazy but I wanted to tell you. For the past few nights, I woke up remembering my dream too clearly. And I realized it happened in this wold as well. […]

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I hate you. I hate you for talking to me. I hate you for befriending me. I hate you for making me laugh.  I hate you for making me smile. I hate you for trying to defend me. I hate you when you fended strangers away from me.  I hate you for every nice thing […]

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Countless times in my heart I hated you. I resented you. I wished you were not born related to me. But today proved how much I care about you despite my cold heart.  When you came home, my hand didn’t move much to complete my homework. i called my teacher and told her that there […]

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For years you smiled together, laughed, shared the same dorm. But I can’t beli I watched you leave. This is unbarebale for me, and everyone else. Please come back home. I was shocked when she first left, and I started hating YG for not doing anything with you. No comebacks? No last goodbye stage? I […]

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