About mE

hey lill stalker!

i’m telling you a bit about myself so you know how big or small my issues are. ┬áplease take your time to read.

i am 16 (born 2000) and i used to live in my home country (Sri Lanka) till i was about 5. after a major turn of events, my parents decided to shift into UAE.

since i grew up my childhood years in a south Asian country, the new country felt like living a fairy tale. i was fascinated. i used to go to a local school but then i entered my first international school here.

i barely could speak English to save my butt. however, since that was the only language widely spoken through out the school, i taught myself to talk. then slowly i began to get accustomed to my new environment.

i made many friends, from different countries, religions, races. nothing bothered me then. it still doesn’t bother me. i’m just glad they have me and i have them.

it was co-ed till grade 5, then they split the boys and girls. and honestly that was a pretty dumb decision. now the girls nor the boys don’t know how to behave normally under the same roof.

i went through crazy experiences which will unfold as my blog continues. then later on, i got into social media and reached out to people outside UAE. it was amazing to talk to all of them and hear what they had to say. I’ve made some amazing friends.

my friends go through their own problems, and i wanted to help them desperately. so i started solving complex life issues with them instead of my algebra homework. only resulted in a closer friendship. our bond so tight, even calling them a friend felt weird. sister feels better.

so i have dedicated this blog for my experiences so far, the issues i had and how i dealt with it and i would love to help you too.