Does it ever occur to you even once that someone hates your own existence. They wish the very air you breath is poisoned.

I often had that thought. And the sad thing is I don’t have anyone to tell that I feel such things. I don’t want to worry my friends. My parents will laugh. My brother doesn’t give a shit.

Is it wrong not to give in? To let them be happy after tortuing you from the inside? Because I didn’t want to lose them, I bit back my screams a stood still. But now I can’t do that anymore. I watched them leave.

I feel that there is someone out there, wanting me dead, tortured. And I pray I meet that person. I want to look him/her in the eye and just see what they will do to me and if they have the courage to do what they dreamt of doing. 

Reader stay with me for some time. Your silence is oddly comforting. Your unquestioning presence is what I need. Hush, don’t speak. I just want to know that you are there.


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