I sigh softly as I stick up the last sticky note on my lamp that rests on an antique table, notes instructing me, reminding me, complimenting me. All written in a hurry with a black pen on different coloured paper. I smile when my eyes catch the “You are beautiful, you need more time to yourself today.”

My smile fades when I settel down finally, feeling ehaustion creeping its way in. Today was a busy day. I not even going to start from what happened in the morning. Its just that, I was so occupied since I opened my eyes and till now.

I often forget the things  I have to do for myself because I’m taken by helping others. “I can’t miss tomorrows group meditation. I need to relax and take a well deserved break from life.” I think and immediatly bolt up and grab another paper to quickly write that down so I will be reminded next morning.

These few precious minturs I have to myself before I fall asleep is the most precious time for me. I am surrounded with total darkness, an erier silence. Nothing bothers me. I feel so powerful; it feels like I have total control over the 4 elements.

I think of all the smiles I’ve seen today, all the tears and think to myslef, “What a wonderful world.”

Its funny how I need bits of paper on my lamp to remind me what to do each morning. Am I losing my memory? Or what?

I dont want to forget all those lovely faces who greet me with a smile or my weird neighbour or my best friends. Mostly, I dont want to forget you. You quietly listened to everything I had to say, held me when I was broken, coped with my crap. I dont want to forget you.

Maybe I should write that down too? Just in case…


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