I’ve realized at this point, that there are things to admire once you are incapable of moving with the same pace you used to.

After my accident, I’m always limping slowly, alone in corridors. And my slow limp gives me time to notice this world more in contrast.

That chair didnt have bubble gum on the handle. Or, all this time I hadnt noticed the  permenent marker stains on the white board they failed to erase. Im slower now. I see everything.

I see people too. Its like my life suddenly is going in slow motion. People laughing, crying, shouting, miserable; I see everything. And I am surprised how i didnt see them before.

My dear reader, we have to slow down to appriciate our beautiful world. Only if we slow down, we see the real beauty. I am living my life now. More happier now that I have time for everyone. I see everyone. I observe.

Once or twice, people rush up to me, asking me to give them my bag, but I wave it off and tell them to go back to their work and not to bother about me.

I did say “alone” in the first few lines but here i want to emphasise that I want to be independant. I dont want to wait for anyone at the bottom of the stairs. I just want to keep hobbling till i reach my car.

Even in my battered state, i dont want to be a burden to anyone else. I want to pick up after myself. I have trust issues, because i have been betrayed by the people i thought were my closest ones.

Its okay to live alone. At least i think it is. Why bother another human being to put up with you for the rest of your life?


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