Mm.. That warm skin of yours always knows what song to sing to get me crawling back to you.

Those soft lips of yours silently demanding mine on them. Tell me how to hold myself back!

Everytime my hands wander, it always finds yours and I grasp it firmly and lace my fingers with yours. Because that is the only way I can tell you that we are not dreming.

Your dark eyes, oh how they remind me of a moonless rainy night. I want to roam and get lost in this dark moonles night.

To take my time and mess up your hair as gently my fingers would allow me to when I kiss you tonight.

We dont need words to express our sincerity or love because I feel it everytime  you look at me with those dark orbs.

We dont need words to be spoken out loud to be heard or understood. All I hear is the soft moans that emit from either one of us.

When I open my eyes next morning, all I want to see is you.

Your sleepy smile, to greet mine, to hug me tight and make me believe no other exists like you.

*stops writing and gets a cup of green tea*













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