You wont be punished FOR your anger. You will be punished BY your anger.


If they dont value someone as good as you, why do you care about them?

If you are such a self controlled, well poised person, dont let anyone or anything on your nerves.

Never go down to the level of an idiot to state a point.

You are wise enough to make strong decisions already. I trust you.

If he/she cant appriciate how muchyou are doing for him/her, why do you still linger around them, waiting for anything. Just pack your bags and leave.

We have to help a broken person by helping them pick up their broken pieces but not get cut in the process.

I’ve been cut several times. Blead badly. I often cried out silently from the pain but I was a fool, blinded by love and sympathy to see the real monster smirking at me from behind thier mask.

So I advice you, dont dwell upon it anymore. All those unpleasnt memories that person threw at you; dont throw them back (it makes you an equally disgusting monster), dont accept it (you would be a fool to do so).

In your head, there is a delete button. We all have. So with all the insults and bullshit along with the person and all those ugly memories, chuck them in the bin and just forget that that ever happened.

However, I’d like to point out that at we actually did enjoy that monster. He/She made us laugh at their jokes, smile at their words and at once point we felt that they were the best thing that happened to our lives. You probably basked in the glory of finding such a person, only now you find yourself retreated in to a cold corner.

Accept and appriciate the beautiful moments you shared. There is no point in completely labelling them as monsters. Probably they were screwed up earlier by someone else for them to be this broken and damaging you ultimately. Accept and let them go.



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