It’s odd how I find time to write in the midst of the hustle and bustle of my mock exams. In two months I will be writing my future, and I want to set it right. I wante to make my creators proud. 

Aside from that, I am graduating from high school, going to senior prom. The days went pretty fast didn’t it?

Almost a few days ago, I cried watching toy story, but that was years ago. 

Ah! My dead reader, how have you been all this time. I missed you. It was selfish of me to only ramble about myself when I forgot that you have your own share of problems. So anything bother you lately?

Both of us are caught in this tangled web of events that we call life, it’s tiring sometimes. It’s scary sometimes, this web. When is the spider going to stick it’s venomous fangs into my body and suck out my soul. But everytime I’m scared, I remind myself the beauty of a spider web in the morning dew. Things will get better soon. I’ve got you.

The night is mysterious and dark as usual. I don’t want to step out alone. I am actually scared. I want to hold someone’s hand. I’m not weak. I just want someone to assure me that there is nothing going to jump out of the darkness. So wanna lend a hand? Let’s walk together until I’m strong enough. 

Show me the way. Lead me. Look after me. And one day I’ll be strong enough  to lead myself, and to look after myself. I won’t bother you then. I won’t whimper when the darkness engulfs the world. I’ll just put that arrogant smirk of mine on full display and fight the devil without a knife. 



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