I hate you.

I hate you for talking to me.

I hate you for befriending me.

I hate you for making me laugh. 

I hate you for making me smile.

I hate you for trying to defend me.

I hate you when you fended strangers away from me. 

I hate you for every nice thing you did. 

You can call me crazy for saying these things about someone who seemed to be perfect, but the reason I hate him is because all these memories are like fire everytime I think about it. 

I can’t fool myself either to walk on glass and pretend it’s flower petals. 

Every memory of us that used to be warm and cozy is now dark and dead.

 Even if you found me years after, thinking I moved on, I haven’t.

 I’m still there, in that same place where you left me.

Because you never cared enough. 

You never gave in the same effort as I did. 

You never knew how to keep someone to yourself. 

All you knew was to push away the people who trusted you. 

You lost me.

And I’m never coming back.


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