I am under this spell and I can already feel my eyelids getting heavier. As the rest of the world succumbs into the power of this spell, I managed to keep my eyes open. This is the time where the rest of the world consciousness enjoys the luxuries dreams offer. Or the suffer the terrible scars nightmares offer.

Oh those fragile yet beautiful dangerous things we call dreams. Illusions that trick us into believing all our unreachable desires.

This is the time I heal my body. I close my eyes, it’s blissful, cold and dark. The blissful part belongs to the silence. The air conditioner singing its usual rattling song. And not a ray of light reaches my bed.

But what if i dont dream? I dont get nightmares or beautiful illusions. Its just this scary darkness that surrounds me. I want a somene to drape an arm around my shoulder and ressure me that its just my imagination.

But this darkness scares me sometimes. Is this what being dead feels like? So dead, but not really dead. My only difference is that im breathing. But small things distract me. As small as someone’s slowed soft breathing. I get up annoyed, kicking my covers in a terrible fashion. Its 3 in the morning. And i am wide awake. And worst of them all, i have school tomorrow. Not even my teddy bear is helping me tonight when i clearly have high expectations from him. i guess its going to be a while before i can sleep.

Because of my uneasy mind, crazy thoughts and stories pouring endlessly from nowhere and flooding my imagination. just give me a break for this night please. if i could switch off my imagination i would do it in a heart beat. my friend is asleep too. it usless reaching him to talk gibberish at this hour. well…i just hope all this thinking would get me tired.


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