Soo I felt like writing again…

You know those times when you are forced by all sides like home, parents, friends, relatives, religion, society…..it just drives me crazy. We’ve got these things called rules that tell us what to do and what not to do.

I’m not writing this post saying that we should not follow them or anything but I’m just voicing my opinion just like how I always do.

Society is the harshest thing I have ever seen. Like EVER. It wants something but once you give it to them it wants something else. Like trying to fill a glass with no bottom with water. What is the point? I always ask this question to myself before I choose anything.

What is the point. I’m just going to die in the end of this.  Not like society cared.

I really want to run outside when it’s raining cats and dogs and dance to my hearts content. But then they say all the things in the book to keep me at bay. So instead I just watch the raindrops race each other to the bottom of my window. Stupid rules.

Sometimes there are certain religions (will not be mentioned) that do not permit it’s followers to take up certain things like professions, likes, dislikes, lifestyle. They are forced into this one tiny box, where everyone obeys the rules, no questions, no doubts. And it holds them back from their deepest and most desperate desires.  Love, power and so on, is just another spoken word in the end of the day. Another meaningless word.

If I was ever forced into a tiny box with rules stating what I can do and what my limitations are, I would be atheist by now.

I want everyone to live the life they deserve. Not held back by rules. Or any obstacles. Because this is the only chance we get to keep out feet on the ground. So why not make it worthwhile. To do anything to our hearts content, and serve humanity and the never satisfied society.

I pity anyone out there, just wishing to tear up that tiny box that holds them back from their fullest potential.

But at times we have brown rules . And that was for a good thing, a good cause, a meaningful cause. It may have been the best thing you have done so far. So good that you must have out shined everyone on the nice list.


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