everytime I look at the mirror, I find a girl who doesn’t care about make up, long hair, perfect skin, prefers baggy shirts over designer tops, prefers converse over heels.

Im not like the popular cheerleader type. I don’t get drunk at parties, or end up on the wrong bed. Not calling others sluts of anything. I’m not like everyone.

I dont like like to hide behind make up. I don’t like to cover up my acne scars with concealer. I don’t spend eternity on my hair either. I’m just plain me.

im just plain me. I love being me. I’m not living another life. I live the same life in the real world and on Instagram. I don’t live to impress anyone. I don’t live to please anyone.

Im short. Just 5″3. I don’t buy the 7 inch heels to match his height. I love the fact that I still can’t reach to top of the cabinet to get a box of Kleenex.

Im not Barbie perfect. I was never born to have perfect aligned pearls. I was never meant to have a damn fine nose nor the goddess body all girls worship these days. I was born with flaws like everyone. And I love my flaws. They identify me. They define me.

Im not upper class. Does that matter? What class you are? I’m average. I love average. I don’t get everything when I want at my feet nor do I suffer without my basic needs. I learnt to be simple, live mindfully. Why do we look down at the lower class people and respect the upper class people.

I mean, in the end, everyone is made up of the same thing right? Skin, muscles, blood… We all have the same thing, so why that differently like one is a God and the other is a roach?

So incase I die somewhere in a ditch, you can recognize me anytime. I’m not the girl hiding behind pounds of makeup. She would be unrecognizable.

no I don’t have perfect brows. I don’t have the long lashes nor pretty eyes. I’m just me. And it’s upto you to accept me the way I am.

why do girls love makeup anyway?

its because, they are insecure of how they look. So what if you have acne scars. So what if you have dark brown eyes. So what if you wake up with the messy crow nest on your head?

Why do you have to use lenses to hide those gorgeous eyes? Why colour you lovely locks into ridiculous pinks and blues?

You are still beautiful. Even if you are not tall enough. Even if you don’t look like a goddess. Even if you don’t get the best of what life had to offer you. You are still perfect.

And here is the best part. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else in front of others. They accept you with your flaws. They know you love sweaters no matter how many skinny tops you wear. They know how much you love it when someone reaches for the higher shelves for you.

everone accepts you the way you are. All you have to do is accept yourself.

Its not not a hard thing right? To love yourself. Why don’t you trust the beauty life gave you? So the next time you pick up the foundation or the pair of heels, think again. Do you really need it?

You are beautiful.


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