The time has come again, where it snows in some countries, rains, hails or its just terribly cold. I pull my coat tighter around my frame and continue to walk throught the rest of this year and i see a new begining.

But this new begining brings happiness, sadness, opportunitites, disappointments, loyalty and doubt. And this new year marks an important milestone in my life. And im working from now on, to make sure i have no regrets later. I think thats how it should be. No one should have regrets in their life because at one point it was exactly what they wanted.

And it may not just be me, but other kids of my age too. We have important decisions to make in this new year. Decisions that define us and our lives. I love the time when all i had was the Earth and the Sky and no worries. But now ive got so much to think about, to worry about and to look forward to.

For once i want to hold clean, pure white snow in my palms. I know it sounds weird but i just desperatly want to. And watch it melt away into my gloves. I guess that stayes in my bucket list until i have the money to buy a plane ticket out of this desert. What are yours?

So i guess thats all ive got to tell you now. I know i have weird cravings. Dont we all?


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