You know that sudden burst of butterlies when you see that special person. the one that can fill up your eyes and and heart at the same time? its doesnt have to be a boy (ladies common, you can do better), but just the sight of a long gone friend gives me those butterflies.

wait not just butterflies, but the whole damn zoo.

just running up to them, each step triggering a delicious memory, one after the other, it just encourages me to run faster to you.

as we hug and just be in each other’s company, i mentally scoff at myself at how i went from hating you at one point to loving you to the fullest.

how we were the back benchers and missed every lesson, lost in our own bubble yet we managed to pass. i cant believe that was years ago.

God must have been watching us and decided to make sure our fates were tangled at one point. I thank the heavens above.

That day after the hike, both of us screaming and pulling off leaches and we coulld barely stand under the weight of our bagpacks and the trecherous journey, i still cherish the few photographs i have cpatured.

i love this girl like crazy. my unbiological sister. the other half.

despite you being younger than me, you see this world in a brighter and broader perspective than how i see it. how you give me a good shake and drill your explanations into me. even thought they were very bitter and unpleasnt truths, thank you.

you are the most cute/adorable/funny/smary/dedicated little midget i have ever seen and i hope this friendship never changes like your profile picture on skype.

” I love you. I hate you. Its like I want to throw you off a cliff anf then run down as fast as I can to catch you.”


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