im scared.

im scared that you will decided to leave me because you saw my flaws. i have always been this way. but did you know how love blossomed inside of me when you accepted me that day.

how warm it felt just to hear you talk and laugh.

how gentle of you when you didnt wake me up when i fell asleep on your shoulder.

i could keep going for ever. but should i stop now? will it be over once i close my eyes? this pain?

can you just hold my hand and say “im here now, its going to be alright”. because only you can drive my insecurities away. only a few words will make the sun shine again in my world.

but as i continue to pleade in my heart, begging, i can see the love slipping out of your eyes. your stare becomes icy and cold, i can feel a cold gust of wind tossing my hair. your “goodmornings” and “goodnights” dont seem to have any “good” in them at all. they are just words without meanings.

what was it? was it my flaws? or my friends?

i heard the door slam shut for the nth time of the night. why do you always leave me when it grows dark? dont you know im afraid? i think about you, now while i lay alone in this cold bed. hoping for an amber of hope to glow.


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