to look into the eyes of a person you love, only to see a stranger in their place, deceiving the world by hiding in their voice and skin, then you realize it’s not them anymore, the feeling of free fall into the unknown is scarier than the night without the moon Advertisements

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im a grown up now, i can handle things. sure i make a few mistakes here ad there but im sure im heading in the right path. the road keeps getting clearer. im entrusted responsibilities, jobs, duties and as they expect it, i get it done.  im known, im seen, im appriciated and i love […]

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Im alone… again. Figuratively but not literally. But there is a twist to it. I m not writing this to get your attention or sympathy but It’s just what Ive become. A rouge. Beyond the compliated web of friends and family, I wanter someone to connect with me. Someone who thought like me, someonw who […]

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I am a strong believer in second chances. Everyone deserves second chances because why? we all make mistakes. And when its someone close to you, you chuckle at their sillynes and say, “Alright, im giving you a second chance.”  I have gotten second chances when I made terrible mistakes. I was surprised, people were ready […]

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These flies on my window are winners in a losing game Dip, duck, roll, and hover They barely see a season change While you and me live like birds on a power line Hands gripping, and our fingers fried God bless those Northern lights And our own devices, babe Entropy multiplies Clock’s ticking and I’m […]

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The sleeping city and your bright pupils it seems it’ll pour down after staring for a while I want to keep everything like this Sing along the song flowing through the radio when we share this moment together it’s as if the world has stopped close your eyes take my time let’s remember this moment […]

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Does it ever occur to you even once that someone hates your own existence. They wish the very air you breath is poisoned. I often had that thought. And the sad thing is I don’t have anyone to tell that I feel such things. I don’t want to worry my friends. My parents will laugh. […]

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